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How It Works – Big Book Study Introduction

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This is the introduction to the HOW IT WORKS program of recovery. The Big Book Study is a simple study, not an easy one.

If you have the disease called alcoholism, it demands to be treated daily. Treating alcoholism with resentment and addictions has increasingly harmful and even fatal side effects. Treating alcoholism with a spiritual answer has only positive and healthy side effects.

The How It Works Group interprets the Big Book through the Group Conscience.

Read STEP ONE (p. 263). The Oxford Group had a 75% recovery rate; this is the result of the deflation of ego!!

Ego is the last thing to go and the very first thing to come back.

Page xx in the Forward to the Second Edition states that 50% who really tried stayed recovered, 25% went out, came back and stayed recovered. This is the Oxford Group’s 75% recovery rate.

How It Works believes that if this program is followed the way it is designed, there will be a 100% recovery rate!

Read p. 563 (tradition 3 long form). All are welcome that are affected by alcoholism; that is everyone! Let everyone decide for him or herself if they want to be here.

  • STEP 5 will be completed with a qualified person. We recommend a priest, minister or rabbi.
  • Our experienced group members will assist you with STEP 9.

As we pass out Steps 10, 11 and 12, please note we will do these every day. These steps are daily steps. This process is to be continued. The treatment for the disease will never be completed!

STEP 10 – When we are wrong, promptly admitted it and straightened it out. This is an attempt to avoid creating “another past.”

You will begin to see it is a hopeless state of mind and body. This is our problem!

Play dead!! You do not take things personally if you are dead. So, PLAY DEAD and see how your Higher Power handles things better than you are. No directing, just help. Stop to take a spot check inventory every hour to see how you’re doing.

STEP 11 – Do the night reading on p. 86 (Step 11 handout), get things straightened out prior to ending your day. Again, we are trying to prevent another past from being created and start a new day with a clean slate!

Upon awakening, read p. 86 and DO IT!! This is an Action Step so take action!

STEP 12 – We help others WITHOUT hurting them or ourselves. This is a lifetime learning experience.


Los Angeles, California

Westwood Village
Los Angeles, California

580 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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(*New Location Starting January 9th 2023)
Los Angeles (Westwood Village)
Hilgard Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Morning Meetings:
Mon – Sat: 7:30am
Sun: 11am

Evening Meetings:
7 Days A Week: 5:30pm

You CAN park in the lot behind the church on Hilgard during meeting times.

Contact: Jill (310) 994-2826