Book Study

Big Book Study audio files

Readings as audio files, about 20 MB each (.mp3):

*NOTE: Be sure to print out the above “Big Book Study Introduction,” and Steps 10, 11, & 12 from the “Steps Sheets” page of this website to handout to all participants present at Week 1 of your Big Book Study.

“Preface,” four Forewards, xi – xxiv
“The Doctor’s Opinion”
Bill’s Story
“There Is A Solution”
Step One Questionnaire, “More About Alcoholism”
Step Two Questionnaire, “We Agnostics”
Step Three Questionnaire, “How It Works”
Step Four Worksheet
Step Five Questionnaire, first part of “Into Action”
Steps Six & Seven Step Sheets
Steps Eight & Nine Questionnaire, second part of “Into Action”
Steps Ten & Eleven
Step Twelve Questionnaire, “Working With Others”
“To Wives”
“The Family Afterward”
“To Employers”
“A Vision For You”

          Week 19

       “Doctor Bob’s


Recorded by L.A. Mike, Los Angeles, Westwood Village.