Addictions – Step 12





  1. Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from addictions as intensive work with other alcoholics. It works when other activities fail.  This is our twelfth suggestion:  Carry this message to other alcoholics!  You can help when no one else can.  You can secure their confidence when others fail.  Remember they are very ill (Page 89).


  1. Life will take on new meaning. To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends-this is an experience you must not miss.  We know you will not want to miss it.  Frequent contact with newcomers and with each other is the bright spot of our lives (Page 89).


  1. You will be most successful with alcoholics if you do not exhibit any passion for crusade or reform. Never talk down to an alcoholic from any moral or spiritual hilltop; simply lay out the kit of spiritual tools for his inspection.  Show him how they worked with you.  Offer him friendship and fellowship.  Tell him that if he wants to get well you will do anything to help (Page 95).


  1. He may be broke and homeless. If he is, you might try to help him about getting a job, or give him a little financial assistance.  But you should not deprive your family or creditors of money they should have.   Perhaps you will want to take the man into your home for a few days.  But be sure you use discretion.  Be certain he will be welcomed by your family, and that he is not trying to impose upon you   for money, connections, or shelter.  Permit that and you only harm him.  You will be making it possible for him to be insincere.  You may be aiding in his destruction rather than his recovery (Page 96-97).


  1. Helping others is the foundation stone of your recovery. A kindly act once in a while isn’t enough.  You have to act the Good Samaritan every day, if need be (Page 97).


  1. It is not the matter of giving that is in question, but when and how to give. That often makes the difference between failure and success.  The minute we put our work on a service plane, the alcoholic commences to rely upon our assistance rather than upon God (Page 98).



  1. Job or no job- wife or no wife- we simply do not stop using our addictions so long as we place dependence upon other people ahead of dependence on God. Burn the idea into the consciousness of every man that he can get well regardless of anyone.  The only condition is that he trust in God and clean house (Page 98).


  1. Let no alcoholic say he cannot recover unless he has his family back. This just isn’t so.  In some cases the wife will never come back for one reason or another.  Remind the prospect that his recovery is not dependent upon people.  It is dependent upon his relationship with God (Page 99-100).


  1. So our rule is not to avoid a place where there is drinking or addictions, if we have a legitimate reason for being there (Page 101).


  1. Your job now is to be at the place where you may be of maximum helpfulness to others, so never hesitate to go anywhere if you can be helpful. You should not hesitate to visit the most sordid spot on earth on such an errand.  Keep on the firing line of life with these motives and God will keep you unharmed (Page 102).


  1. After all, our problems were of our own making. Our addictions were only a symbol.  Besides, we have stopped fighting anybody or anything.  We have to (Page 103)!





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