Step 2

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How to take it: (Suggestions)

  • a) Take this step with a member of the group.
    b) Read each question out loud, mark yes or no to each one; and
    c) If you are convinced of each question, you will be feeling comfortable with Step 2, and should move to the next step.

What should I do if I’m not convinced?

  • a) Let a member of the group know of your problem. Review the step with him/her. Pin point the part of the step you are having problems with. BE HONEST!
    b) Go back to the previous Step, perhaps the problem is there. “Am I sincerely convinced of Step 1?”
    c) Read and re-read the chapter which carries the main thrust on Step 2, Chapter 4, “We Agnostics,” pages 44-57. Read it 100 times if necessary.
    d) Go to as many meetings as possible hearing and listening for the words that will help convince you.

What I am convinced of when I say:


1. I am convinced that I have to find a power, other than human power, to replace the power of alcoholism. YES___NO___

2. I am convinced that my own code of morals or philosophy of living is insufficient. I cannot stay comfortable on a continuing basis, my way (because of alcoholism). YES___NO___

3. I am convinced that my human intelligence is not enough to keep me comfortably sober on my own (because of alcoholism). YES___NO___

4. I am convinced that my idea of self-sufficiency did not work. Self-sufficiency means staying comfortable without help. YES___NO___

5. I am convinced I never gave the spiritual life a fair hearing on a constant and continuing basis. Spiritual means believing in some power other than human power.

6. I am convinced that lack of power was my dilemma. My own will power, so far as alcoholism is concerned, is nil. I cannot stop using addictions and feel comfortable on will power alone (because of alcoholism). YES___NO___

7. I am convinced that believing in a “Power greater than ourselves” is a strength, not a weakness. YES___NO___

8. I am convinced that constantly believing in a “Power greater than ourselves” will give me purpose and direction in life, without addictions. Constant means each and every day and sometimes many times during the day. YES___NO___

9. I am convinced that in the final analysis only I can tap the Power that’s available to us all. I believe that deep down in me is the fundamental idea of God. I have to find the Great Reality deep down within myself. YES___NO___

10. I am convinced that a constant belief in a “Power greater than ourselves” will eventually take away or remove my obsession to use addictions. Obsession means the thought or idea that somehow, someday I will control and return safely to my addictions.

11. I am convinced that, when the obsession that I can go back to my addiction has been taken away or removed, I have been restored to sanity. It’s the thought and ideas before using that is the insanity of my thinking. YES___NO___

12. I am convinced that probably no human power could have relieved my alcoholism
(Page 60). YES___NO___

13. I am convinced that God could and would if He were sought. I have to make the effort (Page 60). YES___NO___

14. I am convinced when thousands of AA’s throughout the world say that the presence of this Power is today the most important fact of their lives, I believe. YES___NO___

15. I am convinced that I have to ask for help everyday and sometimes many times during the day if I am to re-create my life. YES___NO___